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The Best Kept Secrets Of Personal Magnetism

Author : Wisdom J.O.Y. Makano
language : en
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date : 2012-06-22

Download The Best Kept Secrets Of Personal Magnetism written by Wisdom J.O.Y. Makano and has been published by iUniverse this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-06-22 with Self-Help categories.

There are all kinds of people out there, the affluent, the tall, the elegant, the beauty queens, etc. . . yet, many times the outer appearance or material possession does not make a significant impact at all on the image we project to the world. While physical appearance or material possession may sometimes be helpful, as many people judge the book by the cover until they read the content, the secret of lasting personal magnetism is totally a different animal. Sadly, “money does not buy love” is a lesson many learn the hard way. Then, what makes it possible for some people to easily conquer the hearts of their fellow men without necessarily physical or financial advantage? Why do the rich and the famous sometimes lose their life mates or friends to the financially less fortunate people than themselves? Where does the power of charismatic people come from? How do they master the art of keeping people happy while craving more? The author in this book answers these and many other questions with insightful experience based on lifelong research of ancient secrets of personal magnetism. We were not all born wealthy, well connected or as attractive as we would like to be; that is a fact. Hence, understanding the secrets of personal magnetism puts the key of opening any social door in one’s hands, regardless of one’s social station in life. That is 50% of the battle won in your favor. The other 50% depends on the diligence of the application of the laws herein detailed.

Irresistible Attraction

Author : Kevin Hogan
language : en
Publisher: Network 3000
Release Date : 2000

Download Irresistible Attraction written by Kevin Hogan and has been published by Network 3000 this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2000 with Psychology categories.

Recent research indicates the following about the assumptions we all make about attractive people. We believe that attractive people are:* more successful * more intelligent * better adjusted * more socially skilled * more interesting * more poised * more exciting * more independent * more sexual * have a happier marriage * have more professional and social success * have more fulfilling lives "Irresistible Attraction is a fascinating book; it is fun, empowering and precise. It has a lot of useful tools for people seeking improvement and empowerment in their lives" Renee N. Sakr, BCHT,CI. This book reveals the following information for you:Are You Irresistible? Irresistible Ideals in Men and Women Attraction For the Rest of Us Can You Hear Your Body Talking? The Eyes Have It!! Initial Impressions Flirting Makes the World Go Around The Second Impression The Secrets of Charisma Positive Expression and Inner Magnetism Self Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets of Finding the Love and Experiencing the Intimacy You Deserve Dating Intimacy: Creating and Re-creating the Deep Bonds of Love Personal Magnetism in Intimate Relationships "How can you exude your inner charisma? Irresistible Attraction blends the art and science of attraction and flirting. This book is insightful and it is fun!" Jill Spiegel, author, Flirting for Success, and Flirting With Spirituality

Secrets Of Inspirational Captains Revealed

Author : David Becker
language : en
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Release Date : 2012-06-07

Download Secrets Of Inspirational Captains Revealed written by David Becker and has been published by Strategic Book Publishing this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-06-07 with Sports & Recreation categories.

Discover the winning secrets to peak performance in the latest book in the Sports Wisdom Series, ?Secrets of Inspirational Captains Revealed?.Following on from National Bestseller, ?Secrets of Winning Coaches Revealed?, the latest offering imparts the collective wisdom of Australia?s finest sports captains using their personal stories and insights.Business leaders, coaches, teachers, parents and athletes can all learn motivational techniques, how to identify and nurture leadership potential and the art of managing team dynamics. These developmental insights are a fast track to excellence not only in sport, but in life. Some of the legendary Australian captains featured include: Shannon Eckstein (World ironman), Nick Farr-Jones (Rugby Union), Cameron Smith (rugby league), James Hird (AFL), Andrew Gaze (basketball), Nikki Hudson (hockey) and many more.Take yourself to the next level of success. Read the book, apply the wisdom by completing the free user guide included and take yourself and your team to new heights.

The Charisma Myth

Author : Olivia Fox Cabane
language : en
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date : 2012-03-29

Download The Charisma Myth written by Olivia Fox Cabane and has been published by Penguin this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2012-03-29 with Business & Economics categories.

What if charisma could be taught? For the first time, science and technology have taken charisma apart, figured it out and turned it into an applied science: In controlled laboratory experiments, researchers could raise or lower people's level of charisma as if they were turning a dial. What you'll find here is practical magic: unique knowledge, drawn from a variety of sciences, revealing what charisma really is and how it works. You'll get both the insights and the techniques you need to apply this knowledge. The world will become your lab, and every person you meet, a chance to experiment. The Charisma Myth is a mix of fun stories, sound science, and practical tools. Cabane takes a hard scientific approach to a heretofore mystical topic, covering what charisma actually is, how it is learned, what its side effects are, and how to handle them.

Women In Pentecostal And Charismatic Ministry

Author :
language : en
Publisher: BRILL
Release Date : 2016-10-31

Download Women In Pentecostal And Charismatic Ministry written by and has been published by BRILL this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-10-31 with Religion categories.

Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry: Informing a Dialogue on Gender, Church, and Ministry, co-edited by de Alminana and Olena, offers missing and/or silent voices in the Pentecostal/charismatic movement an important corrective and a way forward to shape gender-focused discussions.

Beauty Secrets Revealed

Author : Meriette Du Toit
language : en
Publisher: Partridge Africa
Release Date : 2014-12-18

Download Beauty Secrets Revealed written by Meriette Du Toit and has been published by Partridge Africa this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2014-12-18 with categories.

Beauty Secrets Revealed, is a must have all-in-one beauty guide! It is created to help women enhance their inner and outer beauty along with building self-confidence, charm, charisma and elegance. Beauty Secrets Revealed also takes a look at positive thinking, etiquette, body language, posture, body care, the 5 golden rules of skincare, eyebrow shaping, make-up tips and tricks, hair care and shopping secrets and this all-in-one beauty guide also reveals the nine secrets to true beauty. Become your own Style Guru with the last chapter that provides an indebt look at wardrobe planning according to YOUR body build. Beauty Secrets Revealed is packed with illustrated images and step by step guidelines. Also be the first to discover the secret on how to change your body into the body you always wanted without dieting! This is more than a book: it is truly a life changing guide - from the inside out!

The Book Of Mysteries

Author : Jonathan Cahn
language : en
Publisher: Charisma Media
Release Date : 2016-09-06

Download The Book Of Mysteries written by Jonathan Cahn and has been published by Charisma Media this book supported file pdf, txt, epub, kindle and other format this book has been release on 2016-09-06 with Fiction categories.

Imagine if you discovered a treasure chest in which were hidden ancient mysteries, revelations from heaven, secrets of the ages, the answers to man’s most enduring, age-old questions, and the hidden keys that can transform your life to joy, success, and blessing…This is The Book of Mysteries. Jonathan Cahn, who caused a national and international stir with the New York Times best-seller The Harbinger and then The Mystery of the Shemitah, now brings us a treasure chest inside of which are contained some of the greatest mysteries of all time. The reader will discover life-transforming secrets, mind-blowing realities, and heart-changing revelations in such mysteries as the Face in the Waters, the Leper King, the Land of Gezarah, the Secret of the Third Prince, the House of Spirits, the Mystery of the Rains, How to Alter Your Past, the Second Scroll, the Similitude, the Mystery of the Eighth Day, and much more. The Book of Mysteries takes the readers on a journey of divine revelation through ancient Scriptures, the laws of Creation, the deep of God’s Word, the hidden streams of history, the most important keys of spiritual truth, end-time mysteries, and the secrets of life. The Book of Mysteries opens up with a traveler and his encounter with a man known only as “the teacher.” The teacher takes him an on odyssey through desert mountains, valleys, gardens and plains, encounters with nomadic tent dwellers, caverns and ancient ruins, chambers of scrolls and vessels, and more. The reader is taken along to partake in the journey and in all the teachings and revelations. The traveler keeps a journal in which he writes down each of the mysteries given to him by the teacher in his one-year odyssey—365 different mysteries—one for each day of the year. Thus, on top of everything else, The Book of Mysteries is also a daily devotional unlike any other. And each mystery contains a special mission for each day of the year, a mission that takes the revelation and applies it to reality for a life-changing journey.